Anti-burglary protection in EX zones

Anti-burglary protection in EX zones

Atex certified intrinsic safe PiR + MW detectors

Anti-burglary protection in potentially explosive areas requires the use of certified intrinsically safe PiR motion sensors. A comprehensive ATEX-compliant solution is a set consisting of intrinsically safe PiR detectors or dual PiR + MW dectors powered by an intrinsically safe MM 2012 power supply . The alarm and tamper line is protected by a two-channel relay separator type MM5016.

Intrinsically safe motion detectors are also used in lighting control systems in potentially explosive areas. In addition to the intrinsically safe power supply, the set includes a single-channel MM5011 separator.

VW33430 Ex – Honeywell Viewguard Ex
Intrinsic safe PIR
+ MW detector


Viewguard detectors analyse the type of incoming signal using an integrated microprocessor. The decision to trigger an alarm is based on an analysis of the strength of the detected signal. Viewguard detectors respond to an incoming signal ultimately fast and are resistant to trigger a false alarm due to poor signal quality, at the same time, they keep an eye on whether an intruder is trying to deceive the sensor. The unique multi-stage signal strength measurement makes Viewguard detectors the best motion detection system. Thanks to efficient power management, the current consumption of the Viewguard motion detector is one of the lowest of any motion detector on the market.
That quality allows Viewguard to be installed where a large number of detectors need to be connected on a single power loop. The detectors are designed to use in commercial and industrial environments.Atex certified intrinsic safe PiR + MW detector

  • Supply voltage Ui: 13.02 V DC
  • Ii:  125 mA
  • Pi:  0.407 W
  • Ci:  2 uF
  • Ceq:  < 1000 uF
  • Li:  0
  • Max. sinusoidal signal (0 to 100Hz): 2.0 Vpp
  • Current consumption (max): 24 mA/12 V
  • Alarm output:
    – alarm: 30 V DC/100 mA
    – anti masking: 30 V DC/100 mA
    – tamper switch 30 V DC/100 mA
    – alarm delay time: 2 sec
    – antimasking delay time 20 s
    – antimasking relay contact time 2 p
  • Optical system: infrared black mirror
  • 10.525 GHz or 10.687 GHz microwave system
  • Installation height: 1.5 – 4.0 m
  • Operating conditions:
    – Operating temperature: -20° to +50°C
    – Housing according to IEC 529: IP 40
    – Frequency resistance (0.1 to 2000 MHz): > 20V/m
  • Dimensions: 160 x 77 x 47
  • Classification: II 2 G Ex ia IIB T4, V2
  • Models:  MMO Ex, MMVTAM12 Ex,  VW33430 Ex, VW 33440 Ex
  • Certificate: FTZU 10 ATEX 0140,  FTZU 10 ATEX 0141,  FTZU 10 ATEX 0143


Dual technology (PIR+MW) industrial motion detector with a range of 25x30m/90° or 25m/5°.
Device reports the entry of an unauthorised person into the protected areas.
In order to maintain Ex compliant installation for the device, relevant certified isolation amplifier for power supply and signal transmission are needed.

– Doppler Microwave
– Elliptical/Parabolic Mirror – Robust Construction
– Ignores Animals Up To 18kg

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