oil in water sensorOil in water sensor – ATEX certified
EXP Controller –
 Innovation inspired by customers

Oil in water sensor EXP Controller -  Innovation inspired by customers


Leveraging decades of experience in innovation for the oil and gas industry, Inov8 Systems brings to market the next generation of products tailored to an evolving market with dynamic demands.

Characteristicssonda oleju w wodzie

New fast ultrasonic self-cleaning function

    • Choice of standard or high
      resolution spectrometry function
    • Low DC voltage requirements – other options available, including AC voltage
    • Multiple communication options enabling management skills
    • Probe with integrated control – zero space requirements
    • Adjustable mounting bracket for the probe insertion depth
    • Integrated, configurable color display
    • Weight less than 25 kg
    • 316SS Exd Hazardous ATEX, IECEx and C1D1 certification


  • Low cost of ownership thanks to no regular maintenance, routine calibration and no additional chemicals
  • Simple interface for configuration and control
  • Lightweight design with easy access to the device without having to
    turn off the process.
  • Meets hand carry requirements for helicopters
  • Minimum installation requirements (24VDC, Exd)
  • Remote monitoring and automatic process control
  • Continuous real-time measurements; response to process changes in less than 1 second
  • Standard parts warranty for 24 months

Technical data


  • Ambient temperature from -20°C to 60°C
  • Process temperature from -20°C to 200°C
  • Design pressure 100barg
  • Standard working pressure 0 – 10barg
  • Flow speed 0.5 – 10 m/s


  • Dimensions Probe length from 0.75 m to 5.0 m
  • Weight <25KG
  • Process connections 2” ANSI flange
  • Parts exposed to contact with 316L SS Standard
  • Parts not exposed to contact with 316L SS
  • Housing/Probe IP66 / IP68


  • Light source 3 mW permanent laser or
    deep UV LED
  • Measurement method Fluorescence spectrometry
  • Measuring range ppb – 10,000ppm*
  • Range (deep UV) ppb – 50,000ppm*
  • Accuracy +/- 1%
  • Sampling speed < 1 sec
  • Repeatability < +/- 1%


  • Analog 1 x 4-20mA, HART (optional)
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
  • WiFi
  • Digital 2 x floating volt contacts


oil in water detector

EXP & GPP UK North Sea – Installed in 2020
Leak detection at an offshore wind farm substation.
The application involves monitoring leak detection on board an underwater wind farm substation. Possible leaks are mainly from diesel fuel, which could potentially be blown overboard by storm runoff. Therefore, a treatment and measurement system is necessary to prevent uncontrolled release. The substation is unmanned and service/inspection intervals are sporadic, so it was decided (based in part on
previous experience) that an OIW analyzer with laser-induced fluorescence and ultrasonic cleaning was necessary to provide reliable results without the need for human intervention.
GPP (General Purpose Probe) EXP-1 (Explosion Proof Probe).

GPP Onshore Argentina – Installed in 2019
Enhancing Oil Recovery with Polymers
The end user uses polymers to increase the efficiency of oil recovery. Polymers require a large amount of water to hydrate the polymer before it is injected into the tank, and this is where production water is used for hydration. One of the main quality controls for production water is that the oil content should be <40 ppm (parts per million); A general purpose probe (GPP) is used at each site to monitor the oil content of the production water prior to mixing with the polymer and is set to alarm if the concentration exceeds 40 ppm.

GPP oil in water probe






EXP-2 Norway – Installed in January 2021

Production water measurement

The EXP-2 device was installed on a jack-up drilling platform that had been modified for crude oil processing. The operator was concerned about the potential high maintenance requirements that had previously occurred and was looking for an oil-in-water analyzer that could eliminate such requirements. The EXP-2 was selected and shipped with a DB&B extraction tool (for safe insertion/extraction) under process conditions. The main reasons for choosing EXP-2 are:

a) Dual laser function ensuring continuous operation, unlike other systems where the analyzer is taken out of service in the event of a laser failure until a new laser is installed during the next service visit.

b) RapidWave ultrasonic cleaning capability that helps eliminate service interruptions by maintaining a completely clean window for continuous/accurate measurements.